The collections of the Department of Information and Library were recently enriched by a set of documents as a donation from Mr. DUMITRU FELICIAN LĂZĂROIU, university professor, PhD, Romanian engineer. The act of donation took place due to the logistical support of Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in France. This exceptional donation was received thanks to the interventions of Mrs. Doctor Ana Guţu, Prime Vice-Rector of FIUM, and of Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Paris.


Dumitru Felician Lăzăroiu is an inventor, engineer and university professor, having an impressive carrier in higher education, as well as he is a researcher, international projects expert in Romania and France (for more details see the link ).


From a typological point of view, the donation contains both valuable books and magazines. Thereby, the donation includes about 117 book copies, published in France and in Romania. It is about the publications of prestigious publishing houses Seuil, Fazard, Amiens (Franţa), Junimea, Humanitas, Timpul and others. Publishing house Seuil was established in 1935, it is an important editorial agent in France, oriented for publications in history, philosophy, children’s literature and others. The biggest part of the donation represent by books in the field of Romanian History, Political Science, International Relations, Romanian Language and Literature, also containing and publications regarding to ecology, arts and painting, history of civilization.


Reference – editions represent a special interest: encyclopedic, explanatory and bilingual dictionaries. The donation also contains unique books of bibliophile values, such as Nicolae Iorga. «Romanian Trade History». Bucureşti: Tiparul Românesc, 1925 and others.


We express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Dumitru Felician Lăzăroiu, PhD, University Professor and Mrs. Ana Guţu, PhD, the Prime Vice-Rector of FIUM , for the substantial contribution to extension of Department of Information and Library of FIUM.

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